Great movements make large shadows

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• Under his shadow • Song of Sol. 2:3 • I seem to see four pictures suggested by that: under the shadow of a rock in a weary plain; under the shadow of a tree; closer still, under the shadow of His wing; nearest and closest, in the shadow of His hand. Surely that hand must be the pierced hand, that may oftentimes press us sorely, and yet evermore encircling, upholding and shadowing! • Frances Ridley Havergal



Lord Archbishop MA; D.D, Dr. 2nd BA Religious education BA Agrar engineer, owner ROSARY COE-RMI- ROSARY Ministries International- inkardinated as perpetual member of Confraternity of The Most Holy ROSARY (Domenican Fathers, Portland, Or/USA, VATICAN LAW) accredited as ArchBishop from All India Independant Christian Diocese and UNION WAHOD (World Association Humanitarian of Doctors) MSCS (Manev Sewa Charity Society), President, Knights Templaar International, World Council of Bishops
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